Find customers, engage them with great content, and build brand loyalty for die-hard fans.


Map Out Audiences

One of the main challenges for advertisers on Facebook is finding who to target.  Interest based targeting alone does not provide the type of ROI that advertisers are used to seeing in the digital space.  John Brandon Digital will help create custom and lookalike audiences through the Facebook pixel and based on your customers' data to set us up for success.


Focus on the Funnel

With our audiences carved out, some customers may be ready to purchase; if that's the case, we run Website Conversion campaigns to push them over the finish line.  If still in the prospecting phase, we'll move up the funnel to focus on Brand Awareness and Page Post Engagement - this awareness stage is the first step of successful campaigns by building brand loyalty.


Measure Success

There are many different factors contributing to a successful Facebook campaign.  Depending on the campaign objective,  we may be focused on impressions versus conversions versus post engagement.  John Brandon Digital has the experience to associate particular KPIs with certain objectives - and strategies to lower CPCs, increase conversions, and improve CTRs.